January 30, 2016

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Drain Cleaning

Most people only think of drain cleaning when the shower drains slowly or the kitchen sink won’t empty. The truth is if you live in a single family home in an established neighborhood you may want to consider having your sewer line cleaned periodically even if you aren’t having trouble. The sewer line is the large line to which all the other lateral lines inside the home run (shower, hand basins, kitchen sink,etc.) and it is often the source of the backup because of tiny thread-like tree roots that have been searching for water and found it in the sewer line.  Sewer line is laid in sections and a tree root will find it’s way between the sections and begin to grow in the line.  The items traveling through smaller lateral lines (toilet paper, kitchen disposal garbage, etc) will eventually reach the roots in the sewer line and get hung up on them and a stoppage is formed over time.  By having those tree roots cut out once a year, you can help prevent an unexpected and damaging major sewer line back.


  • Main sewer line (*up to 120 feet of cable *up to one hour)
    • From outside $125.00
    • From basement clean-out $135.00
    • From crawl space $145.00
    • From stool (remove and replace) $165.00
    • From roof vent $175.00
  • Toilet stoppage only $85.00
  • Small 2″ lines (sinks, showers,etc) $95.00 (*up to one hour)
  • ROOTX root inhibitor…………per jar $60.00
  • ROOTX application $55.00
  • Possible extra charges
    • To remove & reset stool $55.00
    • Price per foot over 120 feet of cable (from first foot) $1.00
    • Roof vent charge $40.00
    • Crawl space charge $40.00
    • Additional time per hour $55.00
    • Service charge $55.00 (*If you call for service and we cannot get in. *If you call for service and drain unplugs by itself and you elect not to run line. *If you call for service and we arrive but you elect not to have us do the work. *If you request after hours service for a NON- EMERGENCY)

Video Camera Inspection

  • Purchasing a home and want to make sure the sewer line is in good shape and won’t cost you a fortune in repairs or replacement after you move in?
  • Have you been told by a company that your sewer line needs repair or replacement and you want to make sure it’s necessary?
  • Sewer line backing up periodically and you aren’t sure why?

If you answer YES to any of the above statements please let us help. We can place a small camera in your sewer line and inspect the INSIDE. This procedure is relatively inexpensive and can almost always be done in under an hour. Please call us to give you peace of mind.

  • Price: (includes DVD) $125.00

Electric Line Location

Location, location, location. If you ever find yourself in a situation where repairs or replacement of a sewer line is required we can locate exactly where the line exits from under your home and can also locate exactly where the line needs to be dug. Having a line located BEFORE your excavator begins to dig will mean a smaller hole and less of your yard dug. Also, less time digging means less money spent on the excavator. This procedure isn’t terribly expensive and is even less expensive when you have it done at the same time we video tape the line.

  • Price for locating: $150.00
  • Camera/locate at the same time $200.00


Occasionally a sewer line in your residence or business is blocked by a substance too soft to be removed by a set of knives on an ordinary drain cleaning machine. We can use a Jetter on this type of blockage. This machine provides a high pressure water stream and pushes the sludge out of the line.

  • Price (*up to 2 hours) $320.00 (each hour thereafter $160.00)


(Prices subject to change)

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